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To Find out More
about Our Award-
Winning DVD:
Mickey Mantle:
The American
To Life


®Copyright 1998-2010
Official Mickey Mantle web site

Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life®
The Award-Winning Videography Program & Its Companion Volume
Official Web Site & Catalog

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John Madden:

The American Dream Comes To Life ®


DVD Content Outline

1. OPENING MONTAGE: (Footage, Music by Aretha Franklin – “Respect”) A short montage of John's greatest moments and his early career.

2. THE RAIDERS: (NFL Films Footage, Commentary by Bill King, Music by Aretha Franklin – “Respect”)

·    Coaching The Raiders

·    The Bob "Boomer" Brown “Goalpost” Story

·    George Blanda & His Amazing Streak

·    Warren Wells' Greatest Catch Ever

·    Ray Guy: The Greatest Punter Ever

·    The "Immaculate Reception"

·    The "Holy Roller"

·    Al Davis: “The Most Misunderstood Man In Sports”

·    The Al Davis “Ice” Story

·    The Watering The Field Story

·    The Ted Hendricks $50 Bill Story

3. WINNING THE BIG ONE - SUPER BOWL XI: (NFL Films Footage, Commentary by Bill King, Music by Steppenwolf – “Born To Be Wild”)

·    The 1976 Raiders: The Season

·    The Cincinnati Bengal Game

·    The Patriots Playoff Game

·    The Steelers Playoff Game

·    The Super Bowl “Helicopter” Story

·    The “Missing Players” Story

·    The “Blocked Punt” Story

·    The Phil Villapiano "We've Got 'Em Where We Want 'Em" Story

·    The Ken Stabler "There's More Where That Came From" Story

·    Super Bowl XI Recap Montage

·    The "They Can't Take It Away" Story

4. LIFE AFTER COACHING: (Footage, Music by Buck Owens – “Act Naturally,”Paul Simon – “Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard”)

·    The Miller Lite Story (With the Original Miller Lite Ad)

·    Why John Madden Doesn't Fly

·    A Personally Guided Tour of the "Madden Cruiser"

·    Saturday Night Live (With Eddie Murphy's "Buckwheat" routine)

·    The Paul Simon Story (With John Candy's "Chalk Boarding Art" skit and clips from the "Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard" music video)

5. CAREER SUMMARY MONTAGE: (Music by Aretha Franklin –  “Respect”)

6. CREDITS: The Richard Nixon Story & The Mike Ditka / Jim McMahan Story

How to order John Madden:

John Madden: The American Dream Comes To Life® is now available in a new, digitally remastered edition on  DVD. Not a single frame has been omitted from the original program. It's the most comprehensive John Madden DVD ever assembled. This John Madden extravaganza, list priced at $29.95, is yours on DVD for only $19.95 (plus $5.95 shipping & handling). Click Here to order from our on-line Yahoo!* Store or call toll-free 1-800-THE MICK (1-800-843-6425). You can also fax us at (415) 346-0594 (include name, address, credit card information and signature) or send a check or money order to BLV, 1253 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA 94109-2120. 
*The Estate of Mickey Mantle is in no manner associated with Yahoo! or Y! Shopping. Yahoo! and its services are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Estate of Mickey Mantle.
Special Upgrade Offer: If you already have the original VHS video - John Madden: The American Dream Comes To Life® - you can upgrade to the new digitally remastered DVD for the special price of Only $14.95! Click Here for details!

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