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Big Mac


The Mick


Big Mac (Mark McGwire):

Height: 6'5" Weight: 250 lbs. Bats: Right Throws: Right 
34 ½", 33-33 ½ oz., Rawlings Big Stick 
Training Method:
Dedicated weight training, supervised by Dave McKay
Home Run Frequency:
Career 10.63, Best Year - 7.27 (1998)

Big Mac's Ten Longest Home Runs:
1.   545 ft. – 5/16/98, vs. Florida, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Livan Hernandez 
2.   538 ft. – 6/24/97, vs. Seattle, at Seattle, Pitcher: Randy Johnson 
3.   527 ft. – 5/12/98, vs. Milwaukee, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Paul Wagner 
4.   527 ft. – 9/16/97, vs. Los Angeles, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Ramon Martinez 
5.   514 ft. – 4/20/97, vs. Detroit, at Detroit, Pitcher: Brian Moehler 
6.   511 ft. – 7/17/98, vs. Los Angeles, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Brian Bohannon 
7.   509 ft. – 8/26/98, vs. Florida, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Justin Speier
8.   504 ft. – 9/02/97, vs. Chi. White Sox, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Jaime Navarro
9.   502 ft. – 8/22/99, vs. New York Mets, at New York, Pitcher: Octavio Dotel 
10. 501 ft. – 8/30/98, vs. Atlanta, at St. Louis, Pitcher: Dennis Martinez

The Mick (Mickey Mantle):

Height: 5'11½" Weight: 195 lbs. Bats: Switch Throws: Right 
34½", 33-33½ oz., Hillerich & Bradsby*
Training Method:
Smashing rocks with a sledge hammer all day as a "screen ape" at 
the lead mines in Oklahoma, digging graves, farm chores, running for the fun of it
Home Run Frequency:
Career - 15.12, Best Year - 9.52 (1961)

The Mick's Ten Longest Home Runs (plus two):
1.   734 ft. – 5/22/63, vs. Kansas City, at New York, Pitcher: Bill Fischer** 
2.   660 ft. – 3/26/51, vs. USC, at Bovard Field, USC, Pitcher: Unknown*** 
3.   650 ft. – 6/11/53, vs. Detroit, at Detroit, Pitcher: Art Houteman 
4.   643 ft. – 9/10/60, vs. Detroit, at Detroit, Pitcher: Paul Foytack 
5.   630 ft. – 9/13/53, vs. Detroit, at New York, Pitcher: Billy Hoeft 
6.   620 ft. – 5/30/56, vs. Washington, at New York, Pitcher: Pedro Ramos 
7.   565 ft. – 4/17/53, vs. Washington, at Griffith Stadium, Pitcher: Chuck Stobbs 
8.   550 ft. – 6/05/55, vs. Chi. White Sox, at Comiskey Park, Pitcher: Billy Pierce 
9.   535 ft. – 7/06/53, vs. Philadelphia A's, at Shibe Park, Pitcher: Frank Fanovich 
10. 530 ft. – 4/24/53, vs. St. Louis Browns, at Sportsman's Park, Pitcher: Bob Cain 
11. 530 ft. – 6/21/61, vs. Kansas City A's, at Municipal Stadium, Pitcher: Bob Shaw 
12. 527 ft. – 9/17/58, vs. Detroit, at Detroit, Pitcher: Jim Bunning

*Mickey was known to use any bat that felt good at the time. For example,  he hit his 500th home run with Joe Pepitone's bat.
**Computerized projection. A mathematical projection found the lower limit to be 620 feet. 
***Hit in an exhibition game. In the same game Mickey hit another 600 plus foot job right-handed 
that landed on top of a three-story house six houses down the street from the ballpark.


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