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To Find out More
about Our Award-
Winning DVD:
Mickey Mantle:
The American
To Life


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Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life®
The Award-Winning Videography Program & Its Companion Volume
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Book Contents:
Mickey Mantle:
The American Dream
Comes To Life®
The Companion Volume to the Public Television Videography
by Mickey Mantle and Lewis Early


"This book is dedicated to the memory of Roger Maris,
as good a ballplayer and as good a man as there ever was."


Read about Mickey's career, get his stats, facts and personal experiences in this 148-page deluxe hardcover book. Illustrated with over 200 rare and seldom-seen photos, drawings, headlines and articles.

Get acquainted with "The Mick" as he shares stories about:

Casey and the Early Days
Joe DiMaggio
Casey Stengel
"I Thought I Raised a Ballplayer!"
The King Solomon Story
The Kefauver Committee

Billy & Whitey
Billy Martin & Whitey Ford
"Whiskey Slick"
The Kenmore Hotel Story
The Horace Stoneham All-Star Game Story
The Copacabana Incident
Billy Gets Traded
Billy Shot a Cow

1956: The Turnaround Year
The Perfect Game
Jackie Jensen: The Fear of Flying

Memorable Home Runs
The Griffith Stadium Home Run
The Pedro Ramos Home Run
The Hardest Ball I Ever Hit
"Go Chase That One!"
The Denny McLain "Gift" Home Run

1961: The Upside Down Year
Yogi Berra
"Boy, You Stunk!"
Roger Maris
The Roger Maris Swimming Pool Race
The M&M Boys
The Home Run Race
The Home Run Record

Mickey Mantle Day
If I Were Playing Now
One More Autograph
The Mick's Message to Kids

Lifetime Stats
World Series Record
All-Star Game Record
Records, Awards & Achievements (Partial List)
Home Runs

A Complete List of Career, World
Series & All-Star Game Home Runs

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Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life
The Deluxe Lost Stories Edition
(2 hours)
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John Madden: The American Dream
Comes To Life® (1 hour)
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